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Laura Mitchell

I just joined Amanda’s small group as a leader. She joined our small group shortly after I became a leader with Krissy Bashor. I remember her love for the Lord. Although she was new she wasn’t shy. I remember her telling all kinds of fun stories. She would always talk about the hilarious things her youngest brother would do and say. She was going to be in my small group next year and I was going to take her out for dinner to get to know her better. She loved movies and always had a smile on her face. I am blessed to have known her and had her in my small group. Through our small group discussions and what she told me, I knew she loved the Lord with all her heart. I am encouraged that at her age, she had that blessing. I guess the one thing that stood out about Amanda was her love for her family and God. I take comfort in knowing she is with God. Amanda had a huge heart for the Lord and her family.

God Bless,

Laura Mitchell

Laura Mitchell

I forgot something!

The way I remembered Amanda's name at first was because of her jacket. Her hood had fur all around it.  It reminded me of an Alaskan Eskimo.   Your last name, Barribeau, for some reason connected with that for me. :)

God Bless Your Family,

Laura Mitchell

Anna Pelkey

I remember she'd go into the nursery and try to hold small infants and sometimes two at a time, and I'd have to watch her because - younger kids aren't supposed to be there. She enjoyed the babies.

God Rest Your Soul,

Anna Pelkey

Karla Peterson

I knew Amanda from hanging around Alyssa and I also sat by Amanda in choir.  The things I remember most about Amanda is her ability to sing and act.   She had a beautiful voice as many people knew.  She had a very positive attitude about everything and she was never mean or negative towards anyone.  I will always remember her.  You'll always be in my heart, Amanda!


Karla Peterson

Matt Moore - Valleybrook Edge Youth Leader

On our way back from our 1999 Winter Retreat, Amanda told me about how her parents named her after the song "Amanda" by Boston.  I had my guitar on the bus, so I figured out the chords and she sang the song with me and the other leaders.  She was so happy, and made all of us smile.  She was proud of her parents and didn't hesitate to talk about them.  She truly was special.

Catherine White

I was in a play over the past summer with Amanda at Faith Evangelical Free Church in Fall Creek - "Fun In The Son."  I was Sheldon (the nerd).   Our characters had enough of a connection that I became to know her quite well.   She was great at drama!  When we had tryouts, I knew Amanda would have no trouble getting into the cast!  My thoughts are with you!


Catherine White

Sherry Shong - Sacred Heart Receptionist

I was on staff at Sacred Heart Hospital when Amanda came in.  I heard the code & Amanda was in my prayers.  I know she was flown out yet Amanda was still in my prayers.  I was shocked when my 3 children came home from school & told me Amanda had passed away.  The children talked of Amanda highly and I could tell Amanda had to be special in everyone's heart.

Amanda is now doing plays - singing - and still loved by all around her.  God has finally called Amanda home to be with Him Forever.

Sherry Shong

SHH Receptionist

Michelle Barribeau

Amanda was the very first newborn baby I ever got to hold.  She was a beautiful, precious baby girl.

When our families got together, she was kind, loving and sharing with her younger cousins.  Amanda was full of giggles, smiles, and hugs for everyone.

Last year, Amanda & Charity were riding with me somewhere & I was asking Amanda about school and if she was in choir & she sang a song for us, I believe it was "My Favorite Things."  I was blown away by how accurate her pitches were acapella and that she put her whole self into communicating the meaning of the song.  She didn't hold anything back out of shyness or feeling inferior like most children her age.  She was secure and didn't think of herself but others.

I am so glad that our family was able to see Amanda as Helen Keller.   I hadn't laughed and cried so hard in a long time.  I continue to be amazed by her incredible gift of touching hearts. 

Amanda was so appreciative of anything done for her.  When Alyssa and Amanda stayed over with Charlie and Charity, we were trying to think of things to do.  I braided the girls' hair.  I loved doing it, especially when Amanda made a big deal out of it.  She knew how to give and recieve love so well.

I will always keep Amanda in my heart.  She has taught me again what living with your whole heart is all about.  Thank you for loving me.  I love you and will miss you until we meet in heaven.

Aunt Michelle

Kisa Bisek

I remember Amanda was always so conscious about how she treated others.  She never wanted to hurt anyone.  She tried to make everyone fit in and was a friend to everyone.  I haven't met a person so giving in my life.  She would give all she had and never expect anything in return.  She was also one of the most talented people.  She could sing, act, and was an all around great person.   I will miss her so much.  She taught me alot about being kind to others.  

Missing you,

Kisa Bisek

Lindsay Pesik

Amanda loved to laugh and was very fun to be with.  She could sing like an angel.  She was a wonderful friend.

Steve Wiens

I remember the first night that Amanda joined a small group at The Edge.  Afterwards I asked her how it went.  Her face was a mix of embarrassment, excitement and nervousness.  "Well, the small group was OK, but I can't believe next week, our small group is going out for pizza with a boy's small group !  I'm just getting used to the girls."  With a twinkle in her eye, and a grin she was trying very hard to suppress, she quickly walked away.  I grinned to myself and looked forward to next week.

Mary Martin-Wiens (Youth Ministry Staff at Valleybrook)

One thing that I remember about Amanda was that when she smiled, it lit up her WHOLE face, and it was infectious.  I couldn't not smile when Amanda smiled.  I remember looking over at her one afternoon on our recent winter retreat.  She was playing this crazy ping pong game that the kids made up.  Her face was all lit up with that smile over the game and it really encouraged me. 

I also remember the first night I met Amanda at The Edge.  We do this thing called the "One Dollar Challenge" where students volunteer to do crazy things to earn a dollar.  Amanda volunteered right away to go up and sing "Happy Birthday" to Heath (one of the leaders).  She stood up there boldly and confidently - which is pretty incredible for a 6th grader in a room full of 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  When her turn came, she opened her mouth and bowled us over with that big beautiful voice of hers.  She really had a wonderful voice.  I can't wait to hear her use it in heaven !

Pastor Steve Hurd (Faith E Free Church - Fall Creek)

I can't say I  knew her well, but I had plenty of oppportunities to observe her at various church activities.  Amanda always seemed to be so full of life, smiling, laughing, and involved.  She appeared to squeeze every drop out of life that she could.  My favorite memory of Amanda is her involvement in the children's musicals.  I can picture her belting out her songs.  I remember being amazed at how talented Amanda was and the beauty and control of her voice for a 12 year old.

Amanda is a pleasant, outgoing girl with a pretty smile.  I miss her and know that our lives won't be the same without her.  I am thankful that I got to know her for the short while that I did.

Jon Krause

I remember running through the cornfield whth Alyssa, Amanda, my brother Adam and me.

I remember helping Amanda and family move into their new house.   When we were done we were jumping and doing flips into the snow.

Laura Krause

I remember the time when we were helping the Barribeaus move into their new house and I didn't feel good and Amanda asked me if it would help if she showed me around.  She was really nice about it!

Jordan Orvold

I don't or didn't know her all that well but, at church one morning I brought my little sister up to childrens church and she was telling a story and all the kids were just gazing at her while she was doing so.  Even I thought it was good.   Later on at camp (Crosswoods) I got to know her a little bit better, I let her use my snowboard and I think she thought it was pretty cool so that made me feel good.   God Bless!

Amanda Gessner

I remember when Amanda sang "Happy Birthday."  Her voice was so pretty.  She sounded like an angel.  She is so uplifting, and I can't wait to see her up in heaven.

Amanda - we love you!

See you soon! :)

Amanda Hayworth

Dear Alyssa and family,

I had a great privilege in knowing Amanda.  I also got the privilege of seeing her two weeks ago at our Forensics meet.  Amanda was always a really outgoing, nice, happy, wonderful person.  She always strived to a certain goal, and usually made it.  I didn't get the chance to see Amanda in the play Miracle Worker, but I have heard that not one high schooler could have out-done her.  I was lucky enough to hear her sing, and that is the most beautiful voice I have ever heard!   She had so many wonderful talents, God must have needed them in Heaven.  Every time I close my eyes I can still hear her voice and her laugh.  I can hear her singing.  Her beautiful voice filled our small, cold looking choir room with such beautiful music.  Everywhere she went she made people hapy, she made them laugh.   Someday, when you walk through the gates of Heaven, Amanda will be there waiting with a smile on her face.  Until that day she will be greatly missed.  I'm so sorry for your loss, it'll be hard but with God's help maybe it won't hurt as much.

Love Always,

Amanda Hayworth

Ashley Webber

I have one big memory of Amanda Nicole Barribeau.  There was a forensics meet at Delong and she stayed to cheer us on.  She was so happy and joyful.   She brought joy and happiness in to us that night.

That is what I thought about when a friend told me what had happened.   I didn't believe it.  I didn't want to believe it.  I was like "she couldn't," I mean "how could this happen to her."

At that time I decided to give blood and everything I could while I was alive.  (I had already decided to be an organ donor.)

Amanda has changed all of our lives in more ways than one.

May God be with her family.

Erin Schreurs

At the youth group winter camp she was there.  She was kind to everybody.  She was a joy to be around and always made me smile.  I've known her since Valleybrook started and she has always been a person loving her life.

Amanda - Can't wait to meet you in heaven!  Love ya!

Val Shong

I remember back a couple years to when we were both in Elementary School. I was walking around on break one day, and I saw Amanda sitting in a sandbox crying all by herself.  I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was sad because she didn't have any friends.  Right then and there I told her that we could be friends for life, and we were.  Amanda was always so positive about things, she was the perfect child, and friend.  Her death has taught me a great lesson, her life is about to change mine.  I must change my ways.


Heath Tachick - Valleybrook Youth Leader

On Oct. 5, 1998, we had a $1 Challenge to come and sing Happy Birthday to me. Whoever had the best voice or rendition of the song won.  Amanda went up, started singing, and the whole room stopped everything.  She truly did have an amazing voice for a girl her age.

Charity Barribeau

What I remember about Amanda is her Hellen Keller play and how good she was at it.  Also I remember when she came to my house when I lived in Colby on Thanksgiving.  We were laughing at the table.  Later we went swimming at a hotel.  She was a beautiful girl that was kind and nice.

Andy Rosentrater

I was in choir with Amanda and she had the best voice in the whole choir for being in 6th grade.  In fact I think she had one of the top five best voices in the whole school, that's including High School. Amanda was always smiling at school, she always was happy.

Lori Frank

I thought she was a good friend from what I seen from her and she was so sweet and friendly.  I miss her really bad.  I'll miss her from school.

Bye, Amanda.  Sweet dreams.

Charles Barribeau

I was always studying Amanda, trying to sense her moods and thought.   She was often contemplative and would look almost angry with knitted brows when she was concentrating.  She was a joy to be with.  One of the last times I saw her, she said, "'Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken' is my favorite movie, do you want to watch it with me?"  I'll always be grateful for the chance to enjoy that movie with her.

Goodbye, Amanda, we'll see you soon.

Becca Trombly

I didn't know Amanda that well.  Dave was my soccer coach and Alyssa was my soccer teammate.  Alyssa and Dave were such wonderful people.  I am not surprised at all to see that all of Amanda's pictures are happy and bubbly.   Amanda would show up at some of our soccer practices always willing to fill in anywhere needed.  She also came to watch our games and I never saw her without a smile on her face.  Amanda didn't live long, but I can see she lived her life to the fullest and touched people's hearts along the way.

God bless.

Krissy Bashor

I was Amanda's small group leader at Valleybrook.  I remember that the first Monday night that she came we were getting ready for the next week when we were going to have pizza with the 6th grade guys small group.  She was full of joy and spark.  And really started helping the other girls with the fact that we as women didn't need to dress up and wear makeup to impress boys.  She said that boys need to like us for who we are and not what we look like.  Ever since Amanda has just fit in fine.  She has a great heart and a very strong love for the Lord.  Also I remember the Edge Retreat that we went on in Feb.  Things weren't going so well with her on the bus.  So I sat with her and we talked about it.  We went over some Bible verses and prayed.  The next thing I knew she gave me a cat sticker and we both put one on our foreheads and wore them there the rest of the night.  She was always having fun and smiling.  At one point on the bus another leader Matt got out his guitar and tried to figure out how to play the song "Amanda".  The rest of the weekend the song was sung by her and most of the leaders.  Also that weekend a prayer journal was given to the girls.  It was used by her right away.  I have never seen a 12 year old girl so devoted to God.  She definitely loved the Lord and I loved her too!

Kyle Briesemeister

I have known Amanda since she was little and one of the best (funniest) memories I will ever have of her is when she got stuck in the dryer. (We were playing hide n’ seek and she hid in the dryer and couldn’t get out) It wasn’t too funny then but I know that when we all thought back on it, it was hilarious. I know Amanda will be missed by many people and that she had a profound effect on everyone she met. She was a wonderful and very talented young girl.

Charlie Barribeau

I remember how she was so kind and loving. I went to her Helen Keller play and I remember how good of an actor she was.

Your cousin,


Kally Lane

I remember Amanda as a lively and exuberant young woman. She was eager to be in the play and to satisfy everyone. Including herself. She was a wonderful Helen Keller.

"The best things in life cannot be seen or heard, they are felt in the heart." - Helen Keller

Heath Tachick

The first day Amanda attended the Edge she gladly volunteered to participate in the "#1 Challenge". In the "#1 Challenge" we have the students volunteer to participate in something that is either gross, as in drinking a mystery liquid (usually Sprite and food coloring), or totally off the wall stupid, as in Marshmellow Golf. The last one she did was Marshmellow Golf. She swung the club like a hocky slap-shot hit it wrong and almost nailed another student with the marshmellow.

Heath Tachick

Valleybrook Youth Leader

Matt Klevegard

I was in the Master Singers children’s choir with her. She loved to sing and wouldn’t miss it for the world.

I knew she loved to act and was even in a high school play. She said that she can act any scene that she could think of.

She was kindhearted to everyone and never wanted anyone to be sad or hurt. When someone was she was right there to cheer them up.

Amanda’s friend,


Danielle Heisler

Amanda would always give up anything if it meant someone else would be happy. Whenever she hurt someone’s feelings she wanted to know what would make them happy.

Amanda was such a wonderful actress ! She had so much talent. I’ve never seen anyone better.

Amanda was such a good singer. She always gave it her all. Her voice was so strong and pure. It was marvelous.

I know Amanda is in Heaven. She was so perfect !

Kate Hurd

I remember Amanda as a happy, vibrant, sunshiny girl. She did an excellent job as Gidget in "Fun in the Son". She also sang a solo in that same play in the song "The Sand Dollar". When I think of Amanda being gone, I don’t like to use the word "dead". That word seems to have so much negativity attached to it. Instead, I like to think of her as gone, sort of like she’s moved away to her heavenly home. I like to think of her there, happier than she’s ever been before, totally fulfilled. Last night as I was lying in bed, I thought up this poem about her:


Amanda, what is it like in all that beauty up there,

Where there’s never a worry and never a care ?

What is it like being so close to God -

Where you never will cry and never will sob ?

What is it really like up there ?

I’ll bet you feel so happy you could almost float on air.

Although many miss you

And there’s been crying since you’ve gone above,

We are glad you are happy

And we send our love.

Amanda also did a wonderful job in her high school play. She beautifully portrayed Helen Keller. You would almost think Amanda was Helen. I’m glad she had the time she did on earth. Even though it’s sad she’s gone, I am happy that she is now so happy in heaven.

Rachael Irish

I remember when my friend Bekah came over. We were all swimming in the pool and then Amanda got her N’Sync cd and we were dancing to it, but I couldn’t stay any longer after that for we haad already been there too long as my mom said. I also remember when we were at the (Faith Evangelical Free Church) Free church and we were dressed up as animals. Although I didn’t like it so I ran off the stage and whipped off the paper bag. I will miss her.

Amanda Barribeau

A cat lover


A caring person



"A" honor roll


Best friends to everyone







A soft heart



Ashley Boetcher, Sheila Ziemann, and Amanda Schumacher

 An Angel of the Lord

Amanda was an Angel.

There is no other way to describe her.

No one should try to.

She was a good friend.

She showed us so much, in such a short time.

I wish I could give her something in return.

Amanda was an Angel of the Lord.

Brianna Kunkel

A Very Intelligent Person

Mannered well,

Always worked her best.

Nice and caring person,

Drama lover,

A very sad loss.

By Justin Johnson

Amanda Barribeau

A- "A+" actress

M- Many friends

A- Amazing person

N- New kid at our school

D- Devoted student

A- Animal lover


B- Best friend

A- "A. O. K."

R- Radiant

R- Responsible

I- Incredible person

B- Brilliant

E- Encouraged others

A- Affected peoples’ lives

U- Unselfish

By Julie Shoemaker and Doris Paliagas


I didn’t know Amanda well but, I think it is sad that people die at such a young age.

I’m glad they are taking all the carbon monoxide readers off the shelf and checking them.

She was first chair in band. First chair and she only started in December.

I was always amazed at how she never stoped trying in band and gym, she never stopped trying.

I also noticed that whenever I saw her, she was smiling.



Amanda was always



Nice, she liked

Drama and

Acting a lot.

By Andrew Stearns, Marisa Donagan, and Brianna Kunkle

Ron Hestekin

Amanda was a very cheerful and caring student. I remember when a kid in our class needed help with math and she volunteered to help him. The kids teased her but she kept on helping him. She was a straight A student and when she passed away it shocked the class and me very very much.

Amanda Barribeau

Amanda was smart

Amanda was nice

She was a very nice friend

and now she’s gone there,

Will be sadness for you and me.

By Mai Nhia Vang

Amanda Barribeau

Amanda was a great actress, she could pretend she was even blind or deaf, in fact, she was so good at acting like she was blind or deaf she was Helen Keller in a play.

She also was very smart and got very good grades.

She was caring and very emotional.

Her birthday was in December.

She enjoyed playing soccer and basketball.

She had a cat named "Buttons".

She had a very good life and everyone will miss her.

We’ll see you in heaven, Amanda

 We Love You Amanda - We will meet You at the Gates of Heaven

Amanda was a nice person to have in small group ! She seemed very friendly also. -Emily Lenz

I love you Amanda !! I can’t wait till I see you at the gates of Heaven but until then, I love you!  Love, Jessica

"Walking with Jesus" - "Very Close to God’s Heart"   Amanda was a very good friend. When I injured my knee at The Edge Winter Retreat Amanda was always checking to see if I was okay. I will miss her very much !-Lindsay

I always remembered Amanda being an absolutely wonderful person. Although she could be shy, I got to know a great side of her. Even though I knew her for a short time after she died I thought of her as family. I dind’t really figure out how much she meant to me until she was gone. I can’t wait to see her again. -Sara

Amanda was the sweetest person I have even known. She walks along and touches peoples hearts and sings a beautiful song for life and now she’s where she belongs.-Alyssia

I will miss you very much. I love you much. You will be walking past the gates of heaven. Sing nice in heaven.-Mary

Amanda brought joy and sunshine into the life of others by her heart and love for God, people, and life. -Laura

Amanda was a great asset to our small group. She always had a smile on her face and a song in her heart. Her life gave a great testimony. She showed the Love of Jesus. -Krissy

From The Edge Small Group (Amanda’s Small Group)

Leaders: Krissy Bashor & Laura Mitchell

Students: Shawna Wojtczak  Emily Lenz  Lindsay Pesik  Jessica Mitchell  Sara Grana  Mary Denners  Alyssia Stewart

Amanda Sommer

I remember when I gave Amanda Roary the Ty Lion beanie baby and her face lit up with excitement.

Diane Barribeau

Dear Amanda,

Remember the treasure, not the loss.

Remember the gift, not the cost.

Remember the life, the love, the joy.

The soul of the blessing death can't destroy.

This is just how I feel about you, Honey!  The blessing of being your
Grandma has never been more real to me than now!  The memory of you that is dearest to me, is when you and your family came to visit and help me when my heart was breaking!   You and your sister laid your heads on my shoulders and cried with me!  What a comfort you were to me at that time!  I want you to thank Jesus, in person, for allowing me to be your Grandma.
I will always consider you to be one of God's Greatest Blessings!

See you Soon!

Love, Your Grandma

Song Yang

I think Amanda is a very nice person and I just love her very sweet
smile on her face. She is one of my very best friends and she is
important to me.  I want to tell her that I want our friendship to be
for the end of our life but then I was too late to tell her that
because of the loss of a special friend like Amanda. We love you

Song Yang

Houa Yang

I don't even know Amanda very well, but she was in my P.E class.  I
remember when we talked she would talk so nicely and so she would be
so understandable. I wish her the bestest luck ever. She was a very
polite person and she was a very caring person.

Thank You! I will miss you alot and remember you for-ever.

Houa Yang