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by MC

First was Blue eyes of smiles
Happy and Joy that went on for miles
Second was small words of childish love
And a large hope of dreams brought from above
Three was trails but Never Traded
Tears from Mom and Dad and Hair lovely Braided
Four was Papa's little Girl
Land in his arms for a fast screaming twirl
Five was Bright and fast on a Bike
Barbies and Beanies you really like
Six was Fun and you Loved to Run
He was yours and yours was the Son
Seven so Big acting Like Eleven
Knowing you had a special place in Heaven
Eight was a year that won't be forgotten
Reading, writing, and a lot of candy called cotton
Nine was a year a Young lady was Born
But tears still fell when your favorite dress was torn
Ten seemed like it happened just yesterday
Full of Hope, like joy on a bright sunny day
Eleven brought An Angel for us to hear her sing
And of course Buttons was to you, your little king
Twelve will leave a memory in our hearts that will never sleep
For you are with our Lord Jesus taking your hand he will keep