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Amanda's "Quick" Biography

Amanda was born on the morning of December 8, 1986 at Langlade Memorial Hospital in Antigo, Wisconsin. Amanda was delivered in a 10 minute emergency C-Section because she was in the wrong position. She was born 6 weeks prematurely and only weighed 5 pounds.

Amanda died on March 16, 1999, after succumbing to carbon monoxide gas. She was transported from Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, via MedEvac helicopter. There she was treated in a hyperbaric chamber to remove the carbon monoxide from her blood. Although the treatement was successful, Amanda had been without oxygen for too long. She was pronounced dead at 7:00 pm. Amanda had wanted to be an organ donor, but blood tests showed that it would not be possible for her to donate.

Amanda will always be remembered as a happy, smiling girl, who cared for the little things in life. Although she enjoyed doing her best and excelling academically, she was equally happy playing with and helping her brothers and sister. She was very thoughful and sensitive, and cried when touched by a good movie or book.

Amanda accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, and trusted Him to lead and guide in her life. She learned of her need for salvation through reading a tract, then wrote her name on the tract after she had prayed and accepted the gift of salvation. She would have wanted you to know this.

Amanda described herself in a STAND (Students Taking Action Not Drugs) essay:

"I spend most of my time singing. I love to sing: it's something I think about a lot. I also play soccer and basketball. I love reading, spelling, language and math. I have 2 brothers, 1 sister, 4 cats, 2 dirt bikes, 1 go-cart, and huge yard and a big house. I also like drama. It's easy for me to act and pretend that I'm sleeping, working, reading, listening, thinking, crying, hurt, daydreaming, or blind and deaf."

"In the future, I want to continue doing well in school, help my mom and dad, be the best sister I can be to my brothers and sister, and mainly enjoy life."

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